Our Team Room Suites are the perfect fit for growing businesses ready to transition into a private, multi-office arrangement that combines the economies of conventional office space with the turnkey ease of full-service executive office space.

Team Room Suites are furnished, arranged, and wired to accommodate multiple workstations in a single room and also provide additional adjacent executive window offices that are suitable and sensible for either management offices or meeting rooms.

AOBC Office Map Team Rooms

Turnkey Team Room Suites

Here at Access, our Team Room Suites range in size from 400 square feet to 2,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 26 work stations. Team Room Suites offer growing businesses the efficiencies of an open work environment combined with the privacy of walled executive offices. Simultaneously experience the space, privacy, and independence of traditional office space and all the services, amenities, and contract flexibility benefits of independently owned turnkey office space.

Let Access Office Business Center furnish and upfit your Team Room Suite today to allow you to focus on continuing to grow your business! All of our Team Room Suites offer one or two larger open workrooms with between one and four included executive offices.